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Our founding partners, Frank Frerichs and Ed Berk first met nearly 20 years ago. During an IT project at EY, they joined forces and brought a complex, multi-year project to a successful conclusion. That is and remains our goal: to make your IT (interim) projects a success.

Agerion IT Ed Berk en Frank Frerichs

Interim IT management

In large-scale IT projects, customers often can’t see the forest for the trees. The problem becomes too complicated and no one knows where to start. Whether your team needs an IT director with the necessary experience to serve as a company leader or you need an IT manager to lead a new team project, we can help.

At Agerion IT we are trained in many project management methodologies. Prince2, Timeboxing, Agile, Scrum. Armed with decades of experience and our tool-kit of best practices, we bring a fresh perspective to your technology environment to solve your real-world problems with innovative solutions. 

Part of the team

Many IT project managers tend towards an exclusively managerial role. At Agerion IT, we find our clients too interesting for that.  

By standing with our feet in the (technical) mud, we have better insight into the entire project and the technical specifications that are needed. This makes us agile, enthusiastic and a cost-effective partner for the following customers, among others:


IT for hundreds of member firms

In Oud-Beijerland, Stefan Frerichs, as Managing Director of Agerion IT, takes care of the business and developments that occur within Agerion’s organization. At the same time, he is involved in the IT of a company of a different size. 

Stefan Frerichs Interim IT Director

From London, Stefan and other Agerion team members work with 703 member firms in 145 countries, where no fewer than 41,000 employees contribute daily to Baker Tilly's global accountancy and business advisory network.



Large-scale replacement of hardware at hundreds of stores is not something you just do on the side. Agerion IT provided project management and coordination for the extensive SWAP IT project at GrandVision.

Corona obstacles

To make matters a little more complex: Corona emerged in the middle of this project. Closed shops and closed national borders created a challenging rollout. Through it all, our skilled project managers were able to creatively pivot and develop work-arounds to get the job successfully done. 

Agerion IT Maarten van der Linden Projectmanager

Fresh eyes

At Agerion IT we are not afraid of a challenge. Are there IT projects that your organization is stuck on? Let’s talk. Our IT consultants can bring a fresh perspective to your organization’s IT environment, identify issues you may have overlooked and implement changes that can help to drive your business forward. 

in a talk?

Agerion IT Frank Frerichs

Ready for someone who wants to help you get through it?

We steer without shouting. We move teams in a down-to-earth manner. Why make things more difficult when we can do it together?

Interim IT Management

Working with you

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