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You need it all to manage a successful IT project: an attentive eye, open ears and hands that have a good grip on the wheel.

Agerion IT Nigel Bakker en Nick Visser Microsoft Power Platform experts

Fresh look

Our business IT professionals have a different way of looking at things. We like to say that we approach each project from both a bird’s eye view and a frog’s eye view. We are looking at the business objectives and value proposition of your project, while simultaneously focusing on its functional details. Our minds go from: are these solutions aligned with your strategic vision and markers for success?’ to ‘how do users experience this IT environment?’

As an independent external party, we integrate seamlessly into your team with one common goal in mind: making sure that your IT project is a success within your organization.

Music to the ears

We believe that clear communication is key to the success of any IT consultant project. As project managers, we are there to listen to your needs and challenges, communicate with stakeholders and team members, negotiate and resolve conflict, and explain complex technical concepts in accessible terms. By expertly managing communication, we are able to efficiently monitor what the project team is doing, maintain momentum and anticipate any obstacles in a timely manner.

Steady hands on the wheel

Ultimately, it's all about completing a project and delivering quality solutions on-time and within budget. 'Real' project management - preparation, planning, follow-up, execution and completion - remains essential. Our project managers execute by keeping steady hands on the wheel.

A proven track record

With over 20 years of project management experience, we love to talk about our project experiences and learning processes. You can contact us to hear more or start off by taking a look at a couple of customer cases below: 



Promotion Management

Publishing a product brochure and digital newsletters every two weeks is a time-consuming job. Labor-intensive and error-prone, especially when working with information taken from Excel.

User-friendly application

We created a user-friendly application that accurately monitors prices, discounts, special seasonal promotions and supplier agreements.


The importance of a service bus

An average customer does not think about what happens when they take a product from a shelf and go to pay for it at the cash register. But, during this transaction several Big Bazar applications are at work to exchange key data with each other. 

A good conversation

As a retailer, how do you ensure that all applications are properly connected? A retailer does not want to have to enter information into multiple applications or look for information in multiple places. That’s where we came in to help.

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