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Delivering end solutions that users can actually do something with. It sounds obvious, but that isn't always the case. We at Agerion ensure that information flows smoothly, because we believe that IT can be simple.

Our services

Agerion IT Ruhi Chatterjee Test consultancy

IT Check

Agerion IT Nigel Bakker en Nick Visser Power BI experts

Microsoft experts

Agerion IT Julian Adam Microsoft Projectmanagement

Cyber Security

Agerion IT Maarten van der Linden Projectmanager


Agerion IT Edwin Rozema en Laura van Oudheusden IT Projectmanagement

Interim Management

Our IT check

Agerion will visit you to assess your needs, challenges and priorities for creating and managing an optimal IT environment.

Our IT check is conducted at your location, giving us an immediate insight into your organization’s technology environment. We work our way through a checklist of items, covering things such as network investigation, security assessment, backup verification, server room examination and hardware inspection.

How is your
IT environment?

Agerion IT Coen van den Berg Frank Frerichs en Stefan Frerichs bestuur

Our IT specialists

Agerion's IT specialists quickly understand what improvements are needed and expertly provide the solutions that are right for your business. Our team members are experienced IT business professionals, with their own unique backgrounds and areas of specialisation. 

““Being multifunctional makes Agerion different from other IT teams. Our clients can call me for any IT project or solution, no matter how big or small. Personally, I enjoy carrying out assignments for larger multinationals that really have an impact, while at the same time completing a hands-on assignment at a smaller, growing company.”

Agerion IT Maarten van der Linden

Maarten van der Linden
Project Manager

“One of my specialties is building Power Apps. The possibilities to build custom apps, drive process automation and create efficiencies for businesses of all sizes appeals to me enormously. "

Agerion IT Arthihan Velauthapillai

Arthihan Velauthapillai
IT Consultant

Our customers

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