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19 years ago, Ed Berk and Frank Frerichs started Agerion IT. We have grown a lot since then. We now have more than 25 colleagues working for two divisions at Agerion IT. 

Do what you like

Our experienced IT consultants are focused on working on strategic (international) projects with renowned multinational enterprises, while our small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) division is there to support growth-oriented entrepreneurs.

Our wide range of IT services and solutions support organizations that lack the time, in-house resources, knowledge or expertise to support their IT projects, environment or infrastructure. At Agerion, we are passionate about what we do and are here to help you keep pace with today’s fast moving IT landscape.

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After working for 4EVER en Alcoa, Frank Frerichs made the leap into self-employment in 2001. 

Agerion IT Frank Frerichs IT Projectmanager
Agerion IT Ed Berk Frank Frerichs Founders


Moving forward together

During an (in their own words) 'insanely beautiful project' at Ernst & Young (EY) from 2004 to 2006, Frank Frerichs and Ed Berk begin working together. This collaboration went so well that they decided to start an IT consulting business together. Agerion IT is created.  


Experience teaches

Ed and Frank continue to manage major IT projects and new, very skilled team members continue to join the team. The Agerion IT network is growing and partner Mario Jungmann joins. These three alone have over 75 years of consultancy experience in IT project management.

Agerion IT Coen van den Berg Mario Jungmann Frank Frerichs Stefan Frerichs
Agerion IT Coen van den Berg Frank Frerichs en Stefan Frerichs bestuur


The next phase

Coen van den Berg and Stefan Frerichs step in as the next generation of partners. Their experience working in hosting, website development, software implementations and IT support is given a platform within Agerion IT and the small and medium enterprise (SME) branch is expanded. 


Keep IT simple

For years, the strength of Agerion IT has been hard and smart work. Short lines, direct points of contact, being easily approachable and above all: offering added value. We do that today. We’ll do that tomorrow.

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'By continuing to focus on our strengths and core values, we are keeping the company future-proof and creating employment in our region. We are building a great company with down-to-earth, smart, enthusiastic people who add immense value to our customers.'

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