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In the business world, implementations are a major undertaking. They often take place in multiple releases to ensure that the rollout remains manageable.

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IT Testmanagement

Breaking the process down into bite-sized chunks and going through a vigorous testing phase is one of the most important steps in any implementation.

It ensures that the application or software product is free of bugs and errors, is optimized for the right devices and operating systems, is protected against cyber security threats and is easy for the target audience to use. By working through this at the start, we prevent any problems from arising later for users. 


Agerion IT has years of experience in test management. Our test managers like to keep their fingers on the pulse of the project and are passionate about what they do.

'We like to provide test management for Dynamics 365 implementations. It takes a lot of focus not to slack off on these types of projects.'

Laura Frerichs

'It's good to continue to set priorities together. What should we primarily focus on?'

Judith de Koning

Renowned projects

Laura Frerichs and Judith de Koning led a successful Dynamics 365 ERP implementation for the Blokker retail chain.

The most progress
'The final phase, in which a release is brought live, is a very exciting period for us as test managers. In the weeks before a release goes live, the final details become concrete and we see a great deal of progress. Everyone starts running once that deadline is set. That’s when it all comes together.’

The weeks following a release are all about aftercare or what we call hypercare. Hypercare is a period of heightened support and attention immediately following a go live. During this period, our test managers are busy transferring knowledge to the functional team, responding to feedback and resolving any issues that might have come up. This support helps clients understand how to use the new product, service, feature or application.

Agerion IT Judith de Koning

Looking for experienced test managers?

We like to share our experiences.

Long-term IT implementations

From planning to hypercare

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