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New devices are constantly being added to your organization. Are they properly secured? And is this managed centrally?

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Microsoft Intune

An extra smartphone, a new laptop, a tablet for the field service - all devices that have access to (part of) your company data.

The seamless integration of these new devices is, of course, delightful to work with. Microsoft Intune ensures that working with them remains safe.

Uniform policy for mobile devices

Before we can register devices, it is important to determine a uniform policy. For example, what are the minimum password requirements within your organization? How do we encrypt things? Where do we expect multi-factor authentication (MFA)? How do we allocate authorization within your organization?

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'Our company data is crucial. That is why centralized device management is also crucial.'

Adam Grainger, Baker Tilly International

'Setting up Microsoft Intune takes some time, but it prevents so many problems later on.'

Luuk Poppeliers, Agerion IT

The benefits of Microsoft Intune

There is a lot to consider in cybersecurity. Why choose Microsoft Intune?

  • Security: an increased level of security for your company data on mobile devices. This reduces the risk of data breaches and security incidents.

  • Central management: all devices are centrally managed. This makes it easier to quickly roll out policies and security settings.
  • Integration: your policy can also be seamlessly applied to Office applications such as Word, Excel, and Outlook through Microsoft Intune.

  • Flexibility: Microsoft Intune supports a wide range of devices and operating systems.

  • Scalability: this system grows seamlessly with your organization, whether it is a small or large organization.


Once the policy is determined, devices can be registered. The correct user licenses are assigned, the registration settings are prepared, and users can download the Intune Company Portal app to properly register their device. Once registered, the configured policies are automatically applied. Think of Wi-Fi settings, VPN settings, email configurations, and other security settings.

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From that moment on, administrators can manage the registered device through the Intune console. Settings can be updated, security actions can be performed, and even apps can be pushed. The status of the devices is continuously monitored through this console.

Looking for centralized and secure device management?

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The complete picture

A central strategy for your device management with Microsoft Intune.
That prevents many loose, unsafe ends.

Laptops, smartphones and tablets

Well and timely secured